Antifragile : Inovasi atau Mati

  • Antifragility to business is analogous with fitness and immune system to human body.”
  • “Antifragile is more than agile, lean, or healthy; it’s to grow by (purposely) deal with big and unpredictable problems. In business, it means hurt your company enough so you can must innovate.”
  • “In the first half of 21th century, software is the key of business antifragility
  • “The fast, the self-learning, and the flexibility of agile software development are the key, of innovative and disruptive software.”
  • “Moreover, you can must also adapt the core values of agile software development to your general organization. The practices will increase your organization agility, to thrive on antifragile way of life.”

Which one were you?

I was part of Agile Campus. Now focusing on something else outside of agile space.